Marissa Sherov, LCSW, INHC, PMH-C

Holistic Psychotherapist,

Maternal Mental Health Specialist & Mindfulness Teacher 

People seek out therapy for many different reasons. Some may be adjusting to a new role or overcoming an obstacle.  While others may be struggling in a relationship or life change.  Perhaps they are coping with trauma or loss or they are in need of new ways of managing stress, difficult emotions, or negative thoughts. Just as there are varied reasons why a person decides to come to treatment, the process of treatment itself is also unique for each individual. 


I believe that the therapeutic relationship is an integral part to the healing journey.  I work hard at creating trust and safety with those that I work with by providing an honest, authentic, and nonjudgmental presence.  It is my goal to accept whatever a person may bring to therapy while also seeing the possibility of change. 


I make every effort to ensure that they feel seen, heard, appreciated, and understood. I partner with them in their healing process to restore and maintain their wellness.  Together we identify the problem areas in their lives and work towards finding balance and peace. I help them reduce anxiety, ease their sadness, and improve their coping skills.   I help them reclaim their lives, find their passion and purpose, and improve their quality of life.  I welcome crying, laughing, and cursing in my office because let's face it, life is often a total cluster *@#!

"Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."


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